The new subfloor courtesy of Mike Boylan and the Snowbird Nationals has arrived along with Brand New  CRC High Bite Carpet to be installed on the Sub Floor.  A HUGE Thank you to everyone who contributed financially to the NEW carpet, this along with the subfloor should take 386 R/C Raceway to the next level ....... smoooooth and high bite...... WOOOOOOO !!!

Each Section of the sub floor was checked for Level by Tom Pedano and shimmed up if it wasn't.   386 R/C Raceway is more then Lucky to have the Snowbirds Track Crew install this subfloor.  I cant give enough thanks to Mike Boylan, Mike Bean, Tom Pedano, Steve Pedano, Kal SouthWorth, Mel McCoy, Dave Vanthoff and countless others who volunteered their time to upgrade the track.

It goes without saying that without the the support of the racers, 386 R/C Raceway would not have made it this far...... thank you, thank you, thank you all...... for all of your support over the last year, I'm going to to do all I can to make 2016 even better.

- Chris Crowder - Owner 386 R/C Raceway