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Saturday June 17th is a practice day

FSEARA Race #8 at 386 RACEWAY June 18th

Hello everyone the 2016-2017 season comes to a conclusion at 386 raceway for race # 8 Indoors in the AC! 2400 S Ridgewood Ave, S Daytona, FL 32119

Classes will consist of 21.5 TC, 17.5 TC these are the only classes that have had consistent entries this year for the series. PLEASE CONTINUE READING.

With the restructuring of the Series for the next season, we will be working on the classes for carpet and Asphalt. With that said and this being a carpet race, I'd like to go forward with also including 12th 17.5, WGT-R , formula 1 and Spec GT for this event.

The idea is to see which classes have the most racers and generate the most interest as well. 3 will not make a class a minimum of 5 cars will be needed.

The track will be open Saturday the 17th for practice. We would like to invite track owners and ALL racers to meet at the track on Saturday the 17th to have a general discussion about the classes, venues etc for next season. The time will be determined closer to the event.

TC Spec tire for this race will be the Jaco/BSR Blue and will be available for purchase from FSEARA at the track. All other classes are bring your own.

For pit spaces etc please contact 386 raceway

Looking forward to seeing everyone and to getting this series up to premier status!